What to Bring:

What to Expect:

We will treat your child with respect. You may be present in the room for hygiene visits. Our hygienist will introduce your child to getting their teeth cleaned. Fluoride varnish will be applied to all teeth.

We begin recommending digital X-rays when a child reaches 7 years old. If there is a particular concern, an appropriate X-ray can be taken at an earlier age. Cavity-detecting X-rays are taken at age 7 to check between the back teeth. It is important to preserve baby teeth until nature tells us they are ready to be replaced with adult teeth. This occurs any time from age 5-14. A baseline Panorex is recommended at age 8 to be certain all the adult tooth buds are forming correctly.

Your child will leave with a photo of them sitting in the chair and a bag of goodies and a selection from the prize basket. To learn more, and to set up your child’s next visit with our friendly dentist in Durham, North Carolina, Dr. Ellis K. List, call us today!