Do you suffer from frequent jaw pain? Does your jaw hurt when you chew or speak? If so, you may suffer from a condition known as TMJ disorder, or TMD. TMJ disorder includes a number of conditions affecting the TMJ, or temporomandibular joint. This joint connects the lower jawbone (mandible) to the rest of your head. In some cases, the TMJ may become stressed, misaligned, inflamed, or damaged. While the causes of TMD vary greatly, your disorder may be caused by factors such as arthritis in the jaw joint, bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching), stress, or trauma to the head, jaw, face, or neck. You may suffer from TMD if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Chronic jaw and facial pain
  • Ear pain or ringing in the ears
  • Clicking, grating, or popping sounds in the jaw joint when you open and close your mouth
  • Inability to open your mouth wide
  • Pain in the head, neck, or shoulders
  • A stuck or “locked” jaw
  • Painful chewing and speaking
  • Frequent tension headaches

Our dentist, Dr. Ellis K. List, provides quality treatment for the TMJ in Durham, North Carolina, to help you live free from the pain caused by TMD. TMJ treatment varies based on your specific needs and the cause of your disorder; treatment may include restorative dentistry, facial muscle relaxation exercises, a night guard or bite splint, or jaw surgery. To learn more, we welcome you to call or visit us today.