Dental Bridges

If you have lost one tooth or a couple of teeth in a row, our dentist and the team may recommend a restoration known as a dental bridge to restore your smile. While there are several types of bridges available depending on which teeth are missing, the most common type of dental bridge is called a traditional bridge. The traditional bridge comprises two dental crowns and one or more artificial teeth. The crowns are attached to the dental implants or natural teeth neighboring the gap to support the artificial replacement teeth. Because the bridge is anchored in place by the crowns, it will not easily shift or come loose while you chew, eat or speak.

Dr. Alex Fleming may recommend a dental bridge in Durham, North Carolina, for your smile if you have lost a single tooth or a few teeth, usually a maximum of three, in a row. When in place, the restoration can improve your smile by:

  • Preventing the remaining teeth from drifting out of position
  • Improving your ability to correctly chew, eat and speak
  • Enhancing the beauty of your smile
  • Alleviating excess stress on your bite

Each bridge is custom made to fit your smile comfortably and effectively restore your oral health, appearance and functionality. Call us today at 919-682-5327 to learn more!


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