What to Bring:

What to Expect:

We will treat you with respect. The first hour is spent with our hygienist, who will evaluate your gum health, review your homecare, and determine what type of cleaning is most appropriate for you. If your dental health is good, she will proceed with scaling and polishing your teeth.

Digital X-rays may be necessary. They help to detect conditions or disease not visible on visual examination only. A complete X-ray series or Panorex is recommended for adults every three years, alternating. These X-rays show the entire length of each tooth and the surrounding bone. The Panorex also shows the entire sinus and jawbone area. Cavity-detecting X-rays, or bitewings, are recommended annually to check between the back teeth. They are included as part of a complete X-ray series, too.

Dr. Ellis K. List will do a comprehensive examination to record all your dental conditions and diseases to assist in his diagnosis of your dental health. He will read any X-rays taken at the visit. Digital photographs may be taken of your teeth and smile to document your current condition for a more visual examination. A treatment plan proposal will be available for you to take home.

For more information, please visit our services section and look at digital X-rays and dental exams and cleanings. Call us today to learn more and to schedule your next visit with Dr. Ellis K. List, our experienced dentist in Durham, North Carolina.