Anti-Snore & Sleep Apnea Devices

Care of Your Anti-Snore & Sleep Apnea Device

Thoroughly clean your anti-snore and sleep apnea device using a regular soft toothbrush, cool water and antibacterial liquid soap.

  • DO NOT use hot water.
  • DO NOT use alcohol or alcohol-based products (Listerine) on your anti-snore or sleep apnea device.
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry completely. You may want to leave your anti-snore or sleep apnea device container case open to ensure it dries thoroughly.
  • Once every two weeks, you may soak it in cool water and drop a denture cleaner tablet (Efferdent, store brand or generic) for no more than 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, rinse it clean and place it in the container case to dry thoroughly. Excessive soaking may cause the device to deteriorate faster.
  • For easy strap replacement, wet straps in warm water before attaching.

If you have any questions about your anti-snore or sleep apnea device and its proper care, please call our dental office in Durham, North Carolina, at 919-682-5327 to speak with a team member or schedule with our dentist, Dr. Alex Fleming, and learn more.


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